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Reviews, Digital Marketing Strategies, and You

Most brands have realized that traditional marketing and PR channels like radio, TV, and print press are not as powerful as they used to be in reaching the consumer. As a result, many have moved the conversation about their brands to digital channels such as social media, websites, and blogs. While the digital migration has its own set of benefits, it also comes with its own set of challenges. The success that a brand gets in digital marketing largely depends on how they are able to overcome these marketing hurdles.

Change of the Influencer

Influencer marketing became a fad close to a decade ago. When the concept was new, the only people who took up the job of shaping the opinions of the masses toward different brands and their products were celebrities and other notable figures. Today, the partnerships that brands make with influencers are still a great way to market products, but there has been a shift in the power of the influencer.

The modern influencer does not have to be the most successful Hollywood actress with 30 million Instagram followers. In fact, it can be one person who gives a Google review about your product. It can also be the customer who leaves a comment on your Twitter handle or the person who visits Yelp to review your brand.

Why Reviews Have So Much Power

The difference between today’s digital marketing and that of a few years ago has to do with the modern customer. Many consumers today are digital natives who grew up with online influencer marketing. They understand it really well, but many don’t trust it. In fact, most are more inclined to trust the objective review left by a nobody over what their favorite TV star has to say about your slimming tea. It is the era of the micro-influencers.

Examples of Using Reviews

There are a number on industries that benefit from getting customer reviews especially those industries that provide classes or seminars. For example, this seminar for real estate explains a little about how reviews are used for their industry. They say that reviews are a mixed bag of both positive and negative comments. This model is reflected not just in their own company but can be seen in the reviews of other classes offered across their industry. This same model holds true for other industries as well such as healthcare, financing and banking, retail, automotive, etc.

You Can Still Win with Reviews

There are brands that are capitalizing on this shift in influencer marketing and winning with reviews. Here are some of the best examples of the ways in which you can use reviews to your advantage:

  • When a customer expresses satisfaction in a service you offered them, ask them to review you or your service online. According to Podium, 77% of consumers are willing to leave a review if asked.

  • If there are negative social media comments, contact the complainant. When you resolve their case, ask them to leave a comment.

  • Ask your favorite clients to give social media reviews to promote a positive brand image.

The most important thing to note about reviews is that when the quality of your company is great, you will always attract positive feedback. Focus on offering stellar products and services and the good reviews will follow.

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