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Why You Should Incorporate Video Into Your Web Design

The modern era has given us a great deal of technological marvels. The Internet has become a booming wonderland of information, commerce, and entertainment. Websites are continually being designed to exhibit the sleekest in tech and software advancements. If you want to to keep up in this age, it's important to realize the vitality of videos in your web design. With a bit of creativity, video content will generate an increase in user traffic and help your business soar.

Attention Grabbing

Nothing instantly captures user attention quite like a well-designed video. The idea is to keep it brief enough so that busy people won't click off immediately. You want your content to be fun, fresh and exciting enough to draw users in, and you also want it to be intelligent. Videos on your website should have merit and information that is pertinent to your business or endeavor.

While it's important to aim for attention-grabbing content, don't ever rely on shock value and click bait to generate traffic because these means will only hurt you in the long run. Such tactics are interpreted as shallow and disingenuous. Consumers want to connect with creators and business owners who are honest and forthright with their values and interests.

If you're not sure how to make your videos garner attention, simply begin with introducing your products or services in an attractive way. The allure of video is that you can use all manner of music, color, and animation to create pieces that are interesting beyond what they are selling, which is how you hook people.

Directs Traffic

If the goal of your website is to generate business and broader interest, video support will help you direct traffic to specific items and services you want to promote or sell. You can make videos that publicize a particular service or idea and have that video link to more information or a way to make a purchase.

If you are an artist or make creative content, a video summary of your work can help users decide if they're interested in your style and themes. If the video is successful, you can link it to your portfolio or other social media platforms that will help you promote your business. Videos that are vibrant and memorable will keep users coming back to your site and entice them to share with friends on their own platforms, giving even more traffic to your site.


The beauty of using videos on your website is that it creates an environment where you can be personable with your user base. Customers and content users love to be able to interact with the creators they enjoy. When you limit interactivity, people become less trusting and less interested. It's harder to drum up a large following if you don't offer a real, human quality to your work.

Videos allow you to communicate directly in a way that will reach a diverse amount of people. It can be difficult responding to large volumes of personal messages, but a video response can answer questions and relay information to large populations with much less time and stress.

When you're not sure of what direction to take with your website, using a video to post an inquiry can also net you essential feedback. Try to be honest and open to criticism so that users will be more likely to follow suit and give you viable advice and comments.

Promotes Brand

No matter what your business may be selling, it's important to have transparency and a clear message of your brand. If you offer a particular service, a video can display a succinct message of about your benefits so that customers can make an informed decision and have more confidence in you.

Your brand is the totality of what your business represents, and if it's not clear, you can easily lose potential customers in the confusion. A lot of websites lose traffic when there isn't a well-understood synopsis of one's goals and image. Video content can fix that and boost your visibility. Decide who your target demographic is and create videos that appeal to them.

Ultimately, videos are a tool you can use to market your website and make it more user-friendly. Try not to get bogged down by what's popular and create content that speaks to your passions. In this way, your ideas stay fresh, and you won't be selling out your website to the latest boring trend of the day.


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