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What Your Product Packaging Says About Your Company

Ever wonder why a good product from your company is not selling as well as you hoped? One major factor could be in the packaging. If the packaging does not have a good design, then people are less likely to trust your brand or your product. One of the most important things to know is that packaging can give your brand a winning edge. A great looking design can actually take products off of the shelves and into the homes of customers.

As you run your business, you’re going to want to establish a brand and an image. There are many ways to communicate to your customers what your brand is all about. One of these ways you can do this is through how you package your product or service. Believe it or not, the packaging of the product influences the customer, as shopping is an experience and everyone is going to want to carry out a beautifully packed product. This is why businesses put a lot of effort into how their product packaging looks and feels. While they do have confidence in their product, they want to make sure they are communicating that to their customer.

Make All The Information Crystal Clear, And Well Laid-Out

One of the most important things about a good package design is that it can bring clarity as to what type of product a customer is getting. Customers can get confused with even the right packaging. Imagine how much more confused customers would get if everything had the same bland packaging. With a good package design, everything is made clear to the customer including the product and the quality of the product. Even a product that is low in quality could sell a lot if it has an attractive package design. This is one of the primary reasons that brands put a lot of effort into their packaging.

A Good Design Helps a Product Stand Out

If you want your product to sell, then you have to make it stand out. One of the best ways to make the product stand out is to give it packaging that differentiates it from other products. However, the ideal way to get it noticed is by bringing forth a unique design that represents the type of product it is. If you go too far in being unique, you run the risk of misrepresenting the product and missing the target audience. This goes to show that a lot of thought has to go into the product packaging.

What Goes Into Good Packaging

Material is such a huge factor in packaging - it all has to do with the tactile response a customer will get from it. You wouldn’t want to pick an item wrapped in some cheap plastic baggy would you? Well, neither would most consumers. That’s why you’ll see stylized cardboard boxes with sleek corners. Or even if you’re selling clothing or similar types of items, the bags are going to be huge in how to portray your brand as simply using plastic bags can seriously damage whatever image you’re trying to convey. Another factor that matters in the packaging is the color scheme. The color scheme has to represent the product, the brand and the industry as a whole in the least garish way possible. This step isn’t easy, and you’ll need a good designer on hand to help out.

Let’s Think About The Budget (Just For A Sec)

One thing that people need to realize when it comes to product packaging is that budget plays a role. If your budget is low, then you might want to look into ways to stretch the dollar. For one thing, you may have to pay people to provide designs, the product descriptions, and other aspects of the packaging. This can run up huge costs depending on the professionals that are doing the job. But while it may be tempting to cut corners, it is essential to pay for quality so that you can maximize sales.

Don't Make It Too Complicated, For Everyone’s Sakes

One of the most frustrating things is paying for the product and not being able to open it right up because the company has taken it too far with the packaging (from too much tape to too much zip ties). Security is important, yes, both from thieves and to secure the product itself, but you don’t want to make your customers send off angry emails because they can’t figure out how to get rid of all the zip ties. You do want to package the product so that you can protect it while it goes through shipping and other processes to get to its destination, but that’s just about it.

Receive Honest Feedback

While you can come up with some of the most extravagant package designs, there is something that is more important. That is what the customer thinks. Fortunately, you do not have to wait until the product is released to see how the customer would respond to it. There are ways to find out from customers how the package would be received. One thing you can do is get involved in market research. You can show potential packages to potential customers and get an idea on what would be the most effective as a package. Then you can take the data from this research and move forward with the packaging that has gotten the best response.

Using the right package design can make a huge difference in the success of your product. While nothing is going to beat out the actual quality of the product, the packaging can either attract initial sales or cause people to hold out on the product. Even though people throw away boxes and bags and other such packaging, for the most part, what you’re product looks like is going to play a major role in attracting people. An well-designed package can do a lot, from enticing a passerby to helping tip the scales in your favor in the wake of competition. The main piece of advice here? Don’t skimp on your product packaging.


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