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How Good Branding Can Improve Every Step of Your Business

A brand that is recognizable and loved is a valuable asset to a company. If you are a small business, you will be competing against larger brands that have a huge customer base and a seemingly unlimited budget.

One of the ways that a small business can compete is through being different. This starts with building a solid, distinct brand.

So, what exactly is a brand? It’s more than a logo or well-placed advertising. A brand that is successful is consistent in both communication and experience. The brand is a mix-up of your business environment, packaging, website, marketing, social media persona, and customer service.

There are a few areas that you can focus on to create a stand-out brand identity for your business.

Customer Service

Customer service as an aspect of your brand often goes ignored, but having good customer service is integral to attracting and retaining customers. A successful company will establish an intent with their brand and service. Make sure that your brand also has customer service that is aligned with your identity. Do you want to be known for an easy customer service experience? Do you want to be known for your availability? Is your brand going to emphasize human-assisted customer service? If you are a non-intrusive brand, then you should stray from customer service that is too aggressive for your customer base.

Retail Displays

A retail display can impact a customer’s buying experience. It can influence engagement levels by showcasing products. Your retail display must compete for your customer's attention against all the other displays. Make sure that your displays are aligned with your brand message. Remember that your taglines and promotional information should include useful information. Also, remember to use colors that harmonize with your brand. Use your displays to invite customer interaction. The most successful displays invite potential buyers to interact with your product and ultimately direct them towards the point of sale. As with your brand identity, make sure that your retail displays differentiate themselves from other products.

Social Media

Social media has become a valuable tool for sharing information. You can interact with your customers and other influencers in your field. A social media presence that is prospering can impact your traffic to your business, and it can help your brand image. Choose appropriate networks that will help your brand image. As you use social media, create valuable content that is shareable. Also, work out which content is most likely to gain high visibility with your customers on social media. For example, does your audience like to share images, or do they prefer written content?

A brand identity is an important decision that should be made early in the life of the business. Brand loyalty is an ever-evolving issue that many marketers are trying to capture. One thing is clear: marketers who work to make customer’s decisions easy and straightforward are rising above the noise of other brands. The main thing customers want from businesses is simplicity. As you build your brand, remember that a brand is more than just a few colors on an advertising slot and a cute logo. A brand is the entire experience of your customer base.

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