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How to Connect With Your Audience

Connecting with your target market

When talking with clients, I often hear the complaint that they have a hard time communicating their value, their story, or their mission to the people they are trying to reach.


How do we truly connect with people on a deeper level?

We do this by trying to understand the beliefs and values of a person. Going into their shoes to understand their thought process on how general ideas should work and function. It seems rare to find this in today’s self-focused world. The reason we can’t connect with others on a deeper communicable basis can be blamed on our self-centered nature. There are three main barriers to connecting with people.


When you assume you already know what the argument is on the opposing side you miss out on what could be a well thought through argument that challenges your beliefs. It makes the listener feel like they are not being listened to, so why should they listen to you?


People do not appreciate arrogant people. They are looked upon as selfish and out to get the world’s riches however they can. This can cause an audience to ignore your credibility and find your arguments and statements invalid.


Indifference can cause a number of issues when trying to connect with people. It disallows you to see past what you don’t agree on to see the areas that you both agree on and feel heard. Feel, Felt, Found, Find

These characteristics that we can portray deeply hinder our ability to connect with our audience.