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How to Use Video to Boost Your Business

Implementation of video is highly recommended for your business to succeed. It can help you reach a wider audience and present ideas in a more dynamic manner. However, it's not enough to simply pull out a camera and hit record. This is what you need to know to boost your business with video.

Know How to Edit

Your videos can fall apart if they aren't edited properly. They should be kept at a reasonable length and not static in terms of presentation. There should be cuts every ten seconds or so, but they shouldn't be so rapid that it's disorienting for your audience. Consider hiring someone who is experienced with editing to help bring your videos together. Thanks to video tutorials like those found here, you can easily get the hang of using video software.

Offer a Variety

You want to make a broad range of credit to give your videos as much appeal as possible. You should do your best to emulate other successful businesses. doTERRA's YouTube channel, for example, has content such as: tutorials for how to use products, product highlights, announcements, behind the scenes footage of where products come from and the manufacturing of products, DIY guides, recipes, event coverage and interviews, and more. Rainbow Loom is another great example with DIY guides, tips and tricks, demonstrations of products, straight advertisements, and more. You want to make content that connects with viewers. Think about what you look for in videos from businesses, and do your best to bring those qualities to yours. Talk with your team about what kinds of content should be prioritized in your videos.

Make Them Personable

Your videos should have a human element to give your business a closer connection with your audience. They should put you or another leader at the center, either through on-camera appearances or voiceover narration. You don't want to come across as stiff. Take time to practice your elocution skills, and present a relaxed appearance. You can also add to the positive atmosphere with peppy music and fun graphics. A great example for a positive personality is Missouri Star Quilt Company's YouTube Channel. Their videos are always upbeat, fun, and personable, all things you should try to reach when creating your own videos. Even if your business is a serious one, you can still make your videos offbeat. This can help present your business as one that's willing to cut loose. A sound video strategy can be crucial to propelling your business to new heights. It's more than just giving people something to watch. It's also about developing a marketing campaign that makes your business more visible and credible. By making quality videos, you can give your business a significant leg up.

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