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we are partners

We aren't just here to offer awesome design and strategy.  We want to develop a close and meaningful relationship with each and every one of our clients.  That is why we have an on-boarding discovery stage.  This allows for our team and your team to and feel confident and comfortable in our partnership. 

3 Levels of Partnership


Candescent Group brings its marketing expertise to partner with your team to assess and evaluate what your team is currently doing. We then advise where and how your marketing efforts should be directed.


Candescent Group performs services included in Advisory capacity while also becoming a more vital partner in your marketing efforts by actually engaging some of the marketing efforts with your team. This would include more broad strategic planning, some creative
design work and set up of digital media platforms, etc. You would remain responsible for seeing the projects through to completion and coordinating efforts with outside vendors such as printers, etc. 


Candescent Group becomes a full partner with your company and actually performs the managerial role of becoming your marketing department, working within your values and company culture in order to provide full-service marketing efforts that engage projects from concept to completion.

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